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Traci Luckenbill, AIA is Promoted to Principal!

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November 2, 2023 -- Congratulations to Traci Luckenbill on her recent promotion to Principal! Traci wears many hats at Blackney Hayes, including project manager, studio manager, and so much more. She has been with our team for 14 years, and we are eager to see all she will accomplish in the future!

Why architecture?
Growing up around my grandfather’s excavating business and his construction equipment, I developed an early fascination with buildings. I loved how in the best buildings practical problems are solved with elegant, beautiful solutions. I wanted a career where I could combine my creativity with my analytical and problem-solving skills and where my work allowed me to travel to new places and spend time away from a desk.

What motivates you?
I’m motivated by people – our clients and their dreams and goals; the end users of our spaces and what decisions I can make to make their experience better; my colleagues and consultants and the way we collaborate each day to meet challenges and share our creativity.

A favorite Blackney Hayes moment:
Recently, a client expressed how our drawing package clearly listened to the client’s needs and followed through with incorporating that into design. Receiving confirmation that our client felt heard is my favorite accomplishment because I take the trust that our clients place in us very seriously and work hard to make their vision become reality.

Traci's advice for early architects:
Stay curious – there is so much to learn. To continue to grow as a person and a professional, it’s a continuous process throughout your career. Don’t just seek out an answer – seek to understand why that is the answer and look for opportunities to challenge assumptions.