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Committees at BHA!


BHA has awesome committees within the office! Each committee is unique and benefits the office in different ways. Read about each committee below and its impact on our firm!

Entertainment Committee: Develops a social calendar, brainstorms, and sets up social and community service events. Other responsibilities include:

  • Organizing events for the office, including happy hours, parties, tours, group activities, office pools, community events, etc.

  • Passes along information on events within the community that may interest people in their personal time

  • All events are centered around having fun as a firm

Graphics Committee: Supports a culture of design in many ways. The primary goal of the committee is to improve the graphic presentation of the content produced by the BHA office and develop workflows that standardize the quality of expectations and procedures. Other responsibilities include:

  • Review a staff member's rendering and collectively discusses and learn from each other's experiences

  • Developed a method for collecting renderings and committee feedback so the discussions had in the committee can be referred to the next time someone does a similar rendering

  • Worked to develop standard workflows for Twin Motion and Revit. Provide and continue to develop workflows and guidance on different drawing types to develop consistency in the content we publish. 

Green Building Committee: The goal is to implement our Sustainability Action Plan in response to the AIA 2030 Commitment and its goal of carbon-neutral buildings by the year 2030. Other responsibilities include:

  • Monthly review of projects that are on the boards and brainstorm design ideas that would lead to a better design for the Client, end users, and the environment

  • Reports the firm's projects' energy use data through the AIA's DDx System

  • Develops quarterly presentations to the office educating the firm about the latest developments in the green building industry

Quality Control Committee: The goal is to develop standards and procedures for the BHA staff to provide quality documents for the design and construction of our clients' projects. Other responsibilities include:

  • Created the process for staff to know what steps in each phase need to be taken

  • Oversee QC Checklist to check the progress of our documents and scope of our projects

  • Maintain continual effort in adding and refining standard project details and specifications

  • Review drawings for completeness and coordination to reduce conflicts in the field and ensure Client satisfaction

  • Share lessons learned to prevent repeat issues and to ensure that we learn from each other

  • Provide ongoing training/ learning opportunities

Technology Committee:  The goal is to ensure the efficient and productive use of design technology throughout all phases of work, support training, and development of the staff's software skills, and coordinate with other committees to facilitate implementation and adherence to company standards. Other responsibilities include:

  • Transitioning to and maintaining a BIM-focused office with limited remaining use of CAD

  • Provide ongoing education to staff members about Revit and other software

  • Continue discussions on different software to exchange knowledge and implement it in the office