Creating a Cozy Dining Experience at Villanova’s Dougherty Hall

The renovation of Dougherty Hall at Villanova University was a fast tracked project designed and documented in a short period and on a tight budget. The 11,200 SF dining hall was original to the building, dating from 1964, and serves as the main dining hall for the university, seating 620 students.

The space was opened and enlarged by the removal of a large concrete ramp from the floor above. The finishes were upgraded to add warmth and character to the space, and included covering the exposed concrete beams with rich cherry wood trim. Tiled walls were updated with new tile and wood panels. New ceiling tiles and decorative lighting, connected to a daylight harvesting system, completes the look. The furniture was selected for durability, attractiveness and functionality.

The atrium space created by the removal of the ramp has become a main level gallery for University exhibits with a visual connection to the dining hall below.

In addition, several functional upgrades were completed as well. The food stations that had been spread throughout the dining hall were all centralized around the upgraded serving line. The food service equipment was upgraded, along with the electrical and plumbing support systems.

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