• Marion P. Thomas Charter School

    “The firm’s knowledge of charter schools, and urban communities, coupled with architectural expertise have come together to produce a project that is “picture perfect”.  The Blackney Hayes team was able to manage through the process in an efficient and effective manner to keep our project on target both with time and budget.

    Often star architects like star athletes have difficulty being team players. Blackney Hayes successfully became our “player-coach” with the ease and aplomb of a Bill Russell. As a result, they set a new standard in Newark that will have to be met by the rest of the developing community.”

    Karen Thomas

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Radnor Township School District 

    “BHA has guided the school district through a long process, involving many constituency groups, often with conflicting priorities. BHA’s ability to focus on desired outcomes and maintain the rigor of extensive client involvement has been exemplary.”

    Leo Bernabei

    Director of Operations

  • School District Of Philadelphia

    “BHA has performed services on School District of Philadelphia projects…with an extremely high level of professionalism including…schedule, budget, complete detailed submissions, interaction with District personnel, due-diligence with regards to all city and state reviews and approvals, community and School Planning Team updates/presentations.”

    Kevin Gibbons

    Project Manager

  • Quaker School

    “BHA has taken the time to understand both the technical requirements of our school and the very fabric of our community. The beautiful building we now have is a testament to their success in understanding what The Quaker School is all about. We are very grateful for their technical talent and big heart.”

    Van Richards

    Director of Development

  • Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church 

    “People in the area are raving about the aesthetic appeal and about the very well thought out design of the interior. In addition, I am most grateful for the professionalism and organizational leadership that you and your staff exemplified as you navigated us through the various phases of the project.”

    Father George Liacopulos

  • Guideworks

    “As our finished space so completely demonstrates, Blackney Hayes Architects was successful in designing a workplace that is as creative and energizing as it is functional.”

    Margie Tolen

    Director of Human Resources

  • Villanova Residence

    “We wanted a sophisticated, multi-disciplinary architectural firm that combined creativity with extensive technical knowledge.  We worked closely with one of the principals, Jennifer Crawford, throughout the entire process. Jennifer met with us before we bought the house and confirmed that we would be able to achieve our vision for a California-style home with open spaces and abundant light.  Somehow, Jennifer managed to design a home that is visually exciting yet completely comfortable.  We are very grateful for her superb work.”